Easily Detect Video ColorSpace with ffmpeg and Python on Ubuntu

When googling for “ffmpeg colorspace” I found endless results on how to convert colorspace, but few on how to simply detect and print out the colorspace for a video.

import pexpect, sysdef get_colorspace(path):
re_PS1 = 'bash-[.0-9]+[$#] $'
proc = pexpect.spawn('bash --norc')
if len(sys.argv) != 1:
proc.logfile_read = sys.stdout
proc.sendline("ffmpeg -i " + path)
#print(proc.before) # print ffmpeg output
if "709" in str(proc.before):
return "709"
elif "2020" in str(proc.before):
return "2020"
return "unknown"

Here, I fetch the text output from the ffmpeg call. I pass a video in with path.

I search the output for colorspaces I am interested in. If I find the 709 string, I return 709 for the 709 colorspace (common for 4K). If I find 2020 in the output string, I return 2020, for the 2020 colorspace (common for UHD video)

Useful for going through videos and doing some process to them according to colorspace.

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