I Regret Putting Everything Under the Sun into Jenkins and heres why…

I used to put everything into Jenkins that I could because,

other people seemed willing to use its bubbly interface and that meant people would use it and go click a button or two and get what they needed instead of interrupting me (and my precious programmer flow). Bless their hearts, it’s not their fault, but I need to preserve my ability to concentrate,

so I fell in love with Jenkins,

I learned many fancy tricks and I liked how you could duck tape stuff together but, I was making long Jenkins files that did a lot of stuff.

Ive learned, it’s actually too much, it causes extra overhead.

What you should do instead is write a shell script, bat script, python script, whataver, that does exactly what your Jenkins script does INDEPENDENTLY. You should not need Jenkins to automate.

If you do this, then you can just send your script file wherever its needed, and you won’t have to install Jenkins on the new computer and go through all that. Elimination of steps == good.

Progammers don’t need Jenkins and if you have decent usage instructions for your script, they don’t need the buttons and the interface either. It’s also pretty annoying to have to push every change to Git before I can test it. I should be able to edit my script and then test it immediately without having to push to git and then navigate through Jenkins every single time.

Now every time I think I need Jenkins, I just write it as a script, and run it,

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